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Weighted Lap Pad

Weighted lap pads are helpful tools that can promote regulation and body awareness by providing proprioceptive sensory input to the body. Some children may feel more calm and relaxed when using a weighted item because they have more information about where their body is in space (improved body awareness.)

The proprioceptive input provided can also help children focus and improve attention during school work. The lap pad can be used when working while seated at a table or on the floor- or during meal times.

The weight is distributed evenly over the whole pad and designed with quality, soft minky fabric. One side is dotted/ textured while the other is smooth, so your child can run their fingers over it to receive tactile sensory input.

Note: Always use with adult guidance and with children at least 3 years of age. Weighted lap pads should be used for no more than 20 minute increments at a time. Do not allow your child to sleep with this weighted lap pad. Never use to cover face or restrict child's movement. A child should be allowed to remove it at any point during use.


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