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October Box: SALE 15% OFF

This October Sensory TheraPLAY box is a 'single purchase' box (no subscription required).


-Epic Dragon Stretchy- This sand filled dragon has a nice weight to it and is so much fun to squeeze and stretch! Smush and squeeze the body, or pinch the tail/ wings to help with focus and concentration. Can be used as a self regulation fidget tool or for plain old fun during imaginative play!

-My Spooky Halloween Activity Book- The activities in this fun Halloween book are a great way to work on on fine motor and visual motor skills! Get on your broomstick, squash your pumpkins, collect your spiders, bats and ghosts, and enjoy a sticker activity ride through this book Find your way through the maze, sticker the pumpkins' faces, do the witch's washing, and complete the creepy puzzles.

-Stretchy Globby Monster- This silly guy can be smushed, pressed, squeezed, and re-shaped. The texture and feel of kneading and manipulating it is very pleasant and provides an excellent outlet for excess energy and anxiety. Manipulate, bend and fidgit with this little monster to help stay on task during times where sitting still or focusing is needed (such as when doing school work or listening to a lesson via computer during distance learning.)

-Scritters- These little "critters" are fun to pinch and squeeze between your fingers and provide a tacky, tactile sensory experience to the hands. They can even "walk" down walls (hint: slick, smooth surfaces such as glass doors, windows, fridge, etc. work best!)

-Glux textured fidget putty- This bright green/ yellow colored putty is embedded with small tactile pieces to give more sensory input to the hands while fidgeting. Knead, stretch, and squeeze this awesome textured putty to improve concentration during schoolwork or to help manage anxiety.

-Spirograph set- This set includes 6 Spirograph wheels, 1 Spirograph ring, 3 markers, instruction guide, and 10 design sheets inside a gift tin.  Taking some time to sit down and doodle is very relaxing! Creating the unique patterns is a visual sensory experience that incorporates fine motor work- and can help calm the mind. This activity is a great way to work on fine motor, visual motor, and bilateral coordination skills. *Note: a pen can also be used in place of the included markers.

-Chew Stix- This oral motor tool has 4 different surfaces to chew on and is a safe outlet for children who need to chew. The different textures provide extra oral sensory input which can be very calming and organizing, helping with self regulation skills. If your child does not crave or need thiis type of sensory input, it can simply be used as a hand fidget. Run your fingertips over the different textured surfaces to help calm and refocus. *Chew stixx is an oral motor tool and not a toy. Use of this product should be supervised by an adult at all times. This tool is extremely durable, but should be regularly inspected and replaced at first sign of wear and tear. FDA approved. Dishwasher safe.

Note: *You are solely responsible for determining if the contents in Sensory TheraPLAY Box are suitable for your child. Always use close supervision while your child is playing with the items in this box. By purchasing, you agree to Sensory TheraPLAY Box's Terms and Conditions.


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