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October Box 50% OFF

The October Box! This is a one time purchase box (no subscription required). Ships within 1-3 business days via USPS Priority Mail.

What you will find inside:

Curly Pop Dragon - This cute little toy is so fun to play with! Squeeze the dragon’s belly and his tongue puffs out! Great for strengthening those little muscles of the hand. You can have your child play with this toy and give a few squeezes to help “wake up” the hand muscles prior to starting fine motor work such as homework and engaging in handwriting.

Educational Insights Playfoam Pluffle-Here’s some feel good fluffy stuff! This Pluffle compound is perfect for engaging in tactile sensory play. It has a unique sensation and texture to it that’s fun to squeeze and pinch between your fingertips for stress relief. If your child has tactile sensitivity/ defensiveness, this Pluffle can alternatively be enjoyed by keeping it inside the tube and flipping it to watch the sparkly mesmerizing movement as it flows through the container.

Paint by Sticker, KIDS!-This booklet includes everything kids need to create ten vibrant Halloween themed images, Step 1: Pick an image. Step 2: Find the stickers. Step 3: Match the numbers. Then, watch your picture come to life! All the pages are perforated, making it easy to tear out each finished work. Great for working on fine motor and strengthening visual perceptual skills!

Fidgety Paper-This “paper” doesn’t tear and makes a fun crinkle sound when touched. Offers a subtle way to fidget by keeping the hands moving and occupied while producing the satisfying crinkle noise feedback. The small size makes it perfect for keeping in a pocket and bringing with you wherever you go. Not recommended for use in a classroom or quiet environments due to the soft noise it produces.

Pop Toobs-These are a therapist favorite! Pull them apart and push back together to work on upper body strengthening and bilateral coordination. You can even connect the ends to each other to make it larger or to create a circle.

DNA Ball- This stress ball is filled with mini neon spheres that will move around with every squeeze. It’s visual, tactile, and can help relieve stress and manage anxiety. It’s a great hand fidget to use in a variety of settings to help keep the hands occupied and the mind focused. *Non-toxic, latex free.

Air Dough Sea Animals-Air Dough is a soft, no baking air dry clay! This lightweight modeling compound has a nice texture to it that stimulates creativity and play based learning and tactile sensory play for kids. Unlike other clays out there that are dense and stiff, this dough is soft and easy to shape and mold. Follow the instructions to create your version of the intended model or mix and match colors to create whatever you’d like. Then, leave it to air dry overnight so you can display and and keep your creation for as long as you want. This modeling dough is non-messy, and does not leave residue. Please note that this cannot be baked in the oven and does not need to be as it air dries completely in 24 hours. *Safe, Non-toxic, lab tested and certified.

*You are responsible for determining if the contents in Sensory TheraPLAY Box are suitable for your child. Always use close supervision while your child is playing with the items in this box. By purchasing, you agree to Sensory TheraPLAY Box's Terms and Conditions.


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