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Teen/Adult Box- SALE $10 OFF

The Summer Teen/ Adult Sensory Box! This is a one time purchase box (no subscription required). Ships within 1-2 business days via USPS Priority Mail.

Inside you will find therapeutic sensory toys and tools geared for the teen + adult age range.

CanDo Digi-Squeeze hand/finger exerciser - This hand-held foam exercise ball is used for squeezing and helps develop isolated finger strength, flexibility, and coordination. Use as a stress ball to manage anxiety or to help improve focus and concentration while working.

Find It! Original-This Find It game is similar to an “I-spy” concept; the goal is to try and find each item inside the container. A check off pad is included so that you can mark off each object as you locate it. Examples of things inside are a popcorn kernel, light bulb, bell, staple, and penny. This game is visually stimulating and makes for a perfect tool to help refocus and relax. Simply moving the cylinder to watch all the beads rotate around is very calming to watch and can help manage anxiety.

Nee Doh Groovy Fruits-These soft, pliable fruits are so much fun to squeeze, roll and squish! Each cup comes with a squeezy strawberry, orange and banana.

Tangle Brain Tools Think-This fidget is made up of curved sections that twist and turn into different configurations. It's textured and twistable and makes for a great tool to keep in your desk drawer while working to help boost concentration and relieve stress.

Pineapple Squeezy-Give this tropical fruit a satisfying squish to reveal the clear beads!

PBLZ- These tactile "rocks" "make a great desk fidget to help you refocus and stay on task while working. Each PBLZ has a different size and texture and provides just the right amount of tactile sensory input to the fingertips!

Mini Coral Reef Putty -Stretch, bounce, pop and tear this blue glitter putty. Manipulating this putty provides a way to release excess nervous energy and can help manage stress and anxiety.

Mesh + Marble Fidget Pack-Bend, fold, or stretch the nylon mesh. Slide the marble back and forth from one side to the other for fun and to help calm nerves. Using these small fidgets can also help break habits such as nail biting/ chewing. Keep one in your pocket/ purse, one at your desk, and one in the car. They're small enough so that you can bring anywhere to use as a subtle, silent, non-distracting fidget.

Massage Ball-The spiky, textured surface provides lots of tactile sensory stimulation and can help with self-regulation. Squeeze in between the palms of your hands or place on the floor to roll your bare foot over (also an excellent tool to use if you have Plantar Fasciitis!)

Tumble Wonder-Place it vertically on a flat surface (desk, table) and give it a push to set into motion and watch it flip over and over again. Pass back and forth from hand to hand to try and "catch" it with each hand.

*You are responsible for determining if the contents inside this sensory box are suitable for you and/or your child. By purchasing, you agree to Sensory TheraPLAY Box's Terms and Conditions.


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